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Luninets district
executive committee

The system of education of our district functions and develops stably. In the district an educational potential has been kept and increased, educational specialists could develop its best traditional features: availability, a mass character, high enough qualities of training and education.

The educational system counts 86 objects and will consist from preschool, school and extracurricular education. Practically each eighth inhabitant of the district has a direct attitude to the education system.

Today in the district function:

  • 36 preschool establishments, including 2 departmental, from them 3 training-pedagogical complexes "day nursery-kinder garten-school", 1 playground, 1 garden of family type.
  • Lyceum.
  • Gymnasium.
  • 29 secondary schools, including 1 training and pedagogical complex «day nursery-kinder garden-secondary school».
  • 13 base schools, including 1 school-garden.
  • Primary school- kinder garden.
  • 2 training industrial centres.
  • Children’s-youthful school.
  • Centre of children's creativity.
  • Centre of correction and developing training and rehabilitation.
  • Centre of children's and youth tourism and excursions;
  • Children's social shelter.
  • Improving centre "Sputnik".

Preschool education

Preschool education is a primary cell of an education system. Preschool education covers 2700 children in the age from 1 till 7 years.

The percent of coverage by preschool education makes 57,7%, that is on 3,7% more in comparison with the 2001 year. Strategy and tactics of preschool education is determined by the Concept of development of preschool education.

Based upon it the main directions of preschool education work in the district are:

  • Preservation and development of network of preschool establishments various types and kinds.
  • Providing with a mass coverage of children with preschool education.
  • Providing with quality of educational process.
  • Search of reserves for high-grade physical development of children and forming of bases of healthy life-style.

The groups "First step" in day nurseries №1, № 12 of Luninets, “Scarlet sails” in settlement Mikashevichi productively work according to the model. On the basis of the day nursery №12 of Luninets Montessori-groups with partial payment of parents are opened. Additional lessons on foreign languages, rhythmic, dances, sport are in requisition.

On the basis of preschool establishments in total 47 circles function, 576 preschool children are engaged in them. At 11 preschool establishments 8 groups for children with features of psychophysical development and 7 centres of correction and pedagogical help work. They cover 307 preschool children. The network of sanatorium groups is developing. In 2004 there are 17 such groups with attendance in 227 children. The pupils of day nursery №8 "Krynichka" of Luninets all-the-year-round attend a swimming-pool. 379 teachers are engaged in questions of preschool education.

School education

At schools 11 thousand schoolboys are trained. The created network of schools satisfies completely parents’ inquiries connecting with secondary education. At schools the conditions for development of the child personality in view of interests, abilities, state of health are created.

For this purpose the Vulkovskaya secondary school № 1 with a general aesthetic bias, the Luninets secondary school with a physical culture and aesthetic class, the Diatlovichi and Bogdanovsk secondary school with a folklore-theatrical classes work in the district. The profile classes and groups with a high level of studying of separate subjects are created at 31 schools; the foreign language is learned from a primary school.

All kinds of varied training cover 25% of schoolboys, and in senior classes - everyone the second schoolboy. Over 300 circles uniting about 5700 schoolboys function. In 130 sports sections at schools, in children’s and youth sports schools about 4 thousand children strengthen a health.

In the district more than 10 programs function. The most significant from them are:

  • program of education system computerization.
  • Program «Talented children».
  • Program of aesthetic education of children and teenagers.
  • Program «Children of Belarus».
  • Program «Health of people».
  • Program of development of vocational orientation of pupils.
  • Program of reforming and development of district education.

Our pupils productively participate in regional and republican Olympiads, scientific conferences. So, in 2003 the district had 9 prize-winning places at the regional Olympiads, at republican - 1 prize-winning place and 3 favourable testimonials.

On results of participation in regional and republican scientific conferences lyceum students got 3 diplomas of 1st, 2nd, 3rd degrees. In 2004 we had following results: 3 prize-winning places on regional Olympiads and 3 diplomas of 1st, 2nd, 3rd degrees - on republican Olympiads, 3 diplomas on republican scientific Olympiads.

Two years on end at regional and republican scientific conferences the winner became a lyceum student - Lozitskiy Alexander (the teacher- Simonova G.N.).

Out-of-school education

The Pupils of the district are active participants of regional and republican competitions «Suzor’e nadzey», «Use my rodam z dziatsinstwa», «Talenty Palessya», "Top-top" and other actions. The work of Vulkowskaya secondary school №1 and the secondary school №4 of Luninets, Dvoretskaya, Mezhlesskaya secondary schools, the secondary school №2 in Mikashevichi, the centre of children’s creativity are most productive in this direction.

The exemplary folklore children's collective "Sunichka" of the Vulkowskaya secondary school №1 became the winner of the first open festival of arts "Radawod", confirmed a rank "exemplary".

The centre of children's creativity is recognized as the best in the district and awarded with a diploma of the 1st degree on results of participation in the regional exhibition of products of arts and crafts circles. 3 prize-winning places have taken participants of an airmodelling circle of Central House of culture during regional competitions and were included in a combined team of the district for participation in republican competitions.

Good results are achieved by young sportsmen at regional and republican competitions. 4 champions of superiority of the district on track and field athletics, 2 of the republican level, 3 - prize-winners, received diplomas of the 2-nd and 3-rd degree. Within the framework of the program «Talented children» for the 2004/2005 school year for the first time in the district grant-aided students are determined: Gubich Mikhail - pupil of the 9 class of a gymnasium and Danilovich Darya – the pupil of the 10 class of the secondary school № 2 of Luninets.

The important direction of a school work is maintenance of the rights of unprotected society groups for education. There are in the district more than 700 children with features of psychophysical development. For their training and rehabilitation the centre of correction-developing training and rehabilitation in 1998 is opened, the network of integrated classes and points of correction-pedagogical help extends. There are 17 such classes in 2004/2005 school year, and 3 points.

In view of our district a zone of radioactive pollution is, an actual problem is a problem of preservation and strengthening of children’s health.

1260 teachers, from them 79% with higher education are engaged in training and education of children. 29 teachers are awarded with a sign «Excellent pupil of education of the Republic of Belarus», more than 200 teachers with diploma of Ministry of Education, more than 500 teachers – with regional Board for education.

Luninets district
executive committee
225644, Luninets, Krasnaya str., 1,
e-mail: luninetsrik@brest.by
Luninets district
executive committee
225644, Luninets, Krasnaya str., 1,
e-mail: luninetsrik@brest.by
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